Did I just steal that title from Kendrick Lamar’s new album? Maybe. But in my defense it’s a great release and I only listen to the clean version, natch.

This week I had to stop and pick up a Hot N Ready pizza for the boys for dinner. As I was leaving the lady behind the counter told me “Have a blessed day!”. My thought was “I’m currently buying the quickest and cheapest meal possible. That should be a clear sign  a “blessed” day isn’t happening.”

Blessed is a common word in our culture today but I don’t think the way we use it and the way it is used in the Scriptures are the same.

When we use it we tend to mean “I hope everything you want to happen…does.” or “I hope only good things come your way.”

We call finding the good parking spot at the mall, finding a $10 bill in our jeans, or when our kids listen to us for a change “blessed.”

In other words, what we call “blessed” might be better said as “lucky” or “fortunate”.

Yesterday morning I sat out on my back deck reading Genesis and I was struck by something God said to Abraham. He said:

“I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing.”

God blessed Abraham…

…to bless others.

We love the idea that blessings are for us, and they are, but they don’t terminate on us.

We’re not the end goal of the blessing.

We’re the beginning of the blessing.

So when God blesses us we aren’t to kick back, relax, and enjoy it. We are to use it to bless others so that they might know God’s goodness.

Eventually God led Abraham’s people to a position where they would be at the literal center of their world. Their land was strategically placed where travelers would pass through and the people of God could share their great, good, loving, gracious, personal and creative God.

They were blessed to bless others. 

However, as you read the story of Abraham you see that the blessing were anything but lucky or safe.

In fact, quite often the blessings of God can be dangerous.

For people like Abraham (and many in the Scriptures) that blessings could be physically dangerous but for us that danger may look different.

It may require us giving up our time.

Our resources.

Our comfort.

Our things.

All so that the blessings God has given us can be used to bless others.

Because ultimately, blessing isn’t about comfort but God’s great goodness.

That goodness for all people.

So the next time some tells you to “have a blessed day” smile, thank them, and try to find a way to have a blessed day…by blessing someone else.

In the end, I promise you’ll both feel blessed.


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