Social Media, DeVos, and Mos Eisley


A few weeks back I thought I’d try to change the world and post something political on Facebook to try to at least open up minds and have a two-way discussion about stuff and things.

I know. I’m old enough to know better.

It started great but eventually derailed.

Go figure.

I don’t know why I thought it would be any different.

A little discouraged, I began a sociological experiment and just observed what was happening on Facebook. It has been more and more agenda pieces with less and less of the content I joined the social network for.

It’s a negative and angry wasteland.

Carrie and I have been pulling away from social media for weeks. I’m sure that’s shocking because in most cases to truly walk away from Facebook don’t you have to post that you’re leaving first?

She quit cold turkey.

I still dabble. I post from time to time but don’t really follow up on comments or obsess over “likes” anymore.

What about Twitter?

At first it felt great because Twitter feels like shouting in a pillow. It’s a great release and its not likely many will hear you.

Turns out that Twitter is as bad as Facebook or worse because there is generally not even the connection of “friends” on Twitter. You can follow anyone. And belittle them. Or verbally assault them.

It started to remind me of this quote from Star Wars:


Yes, social media seems to have become a place as lawless and brutal as Mos Eisley.

While Mos Eisley is filled with scum and villainy I don’t believe that’s the intention for most on social media. I believe most mean well and want to see change we just lose all tact when trying to affect that change.

So the smartest thing I thought I could do was to walk away. At least from checking in so often.

Last night I read this:


Amazing, right?

Especially after seeing the appointment of Betsy DeVos I was heartbroken. I’m married to a phenomenal first grade public school teacher so my first reaction was to complain on social media and defend my wife’s life work.

I realized that shouting into the dark void of the internet isn’t really helpful. Shouting into pillows, remember?

Feels good. Changes nothing.

But this passage had me thinking…

How can we be doers and not hearers only?

We have to stop believing that ranting on social media is going to change things.

Action is going to change things.

Example: A friend mentioned this morning the best way to combat this appointment isn’t to yell at Facebook. It is to put our kids in public schools. Volunteer at those schools. These are signs of faith by deeds and not words only.

Action always accompanies faith.

This is what I hope marks my life.

I want to be a man who’s faith is known because of my actions in real life and not just my words on social media.

What about you?



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