Sweet 16 Sweet Things of ’16

We’ve made it to the end of the countdown! Here’s my top 4:

4. Stranger Things


80’s nostalgia, old school creepiness, and a theme of duality in Stranger Things made the show an instant hit.

You had the idillic 80’s on one level and then the Upside Down which was an alternate reality where some serious battles were being waged.

These two worlds occupied the same space and the show wrestles with that tension as we also wrestle the duality in our world.

Stranger Things also boasts a cast of young actors who are lovable and normal and the role of Hopper is one of the best male characters on tv in some time.

Oh, and it has Winona Ryder.

3. Chance the Rapper Coloring Book

Chance represents the present and future of the rap game.

A young, new Christian who has made it big and refused to sign to a label often writes about the God that he loves as well as talking about the mistakes that he has/still makes.

Chance can be explicit but is never profane (yes, there’s a difference and soon I hope to blog on that).

He’s also the first independent artist to get nominated for SEVEN Grammys.

Lyrically Chance is killing it:

My dream girl’s behind me, feel like I’m James Early
The type of worship make Jesus come back a day early
With the faith of a pumpkin-seed-sized mustard seed
Hear, for I will speak noble things as entrusted me


Check out this performance on SNL


2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

After hearing about the passing of Carrie Fisher yesterday the family and I decided to watch Star Wars last night. What I realized is that Rogue One actually makes A New Hope a better movie.

The prequel trilogy might have tainted the franchise a bit for me The Force Awakens and Rogue One have both more than made up for that damage.

Rebellion, fighting for what is right in the face of impossible odds, believing in the Force even when it seems silent are all themes that make this film a mark in the plus column for the most beloved franchise of my youth.

  1. Finding God in the Waves

At the end of the countdown is…a book?

I know, I’m shocked too but Finding God in the Waves has been a life changing read for me.

I’ve struggled for over a year since closing the church we planted.

This book helped me rebound.

It covers Mike McHargue’s journey from Christian to atheist and back in the first half then science and faith in the second and while I don’t agree with everything in it, it helped bring me back fully to the faith and Savior that I love. In particular the chapter on prayer was a life changer.

For doubters, long time Christians and those who want to know about the faith, I can’t recommend this book enough.

Thank you all for reading along with me and here’s to 2017!



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