Sweet 16 Sweet Things of ’16 (Part 1)

2016 has been marked with a lot of loss from all over the entertainment specturm: David Bowie, Prince, Mohammed Ali, Gordie Howe, Gary Shandling, John Glenn, Gene Wilder, and sadly, many more.


But fear not! For 2016 wasn’t all bad.

So enjoy the end of the year madness and my 16 favorite things of ’16!

16. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange caught me off guard but I shouldn’t be surprised that Marvel once again managed to make me interested in a character I knew nothing about.

Good ‘ole Benedict Cumberbatch plays Stephen Strange and it is directed by Scott Derrickson, a Christian who most notably directs horror films, Doctor Strange isn’t exactly a Christian movie but Derrickson’s faith definitely gets nods throughout the film.

The big idea of the film is a war between light and dark is being waged in unseen places and Strange has the free will to choose which side of the battle he will be on.

Throw in some teachings about the first becoming the last, and “it’s not about you” and you’ve got some strong Gospel teachings.


15. Playstation VR

I was admittedly a skeptic about VR. After all, I’ve lived through the Power Glove, ROB, VirtuaBoy, and Kinect eras.

But when my boys and I happened across a demo of the Playstation VR set I became a believer.

I sat down with the Batman game and was instantly transported into the hero’s batcave and I was impressed by the sense of size the headset gave me.

Sure, I thought I looked like this:


when in reality I looked like this:


but that didn’t matter because when you’re in the VR headset you really feel somewhere else.

Needless to say, it became my boys’ #1 wish for Christmas.

It’s not something that is easily described and is better experienced. I’d highly recommend to everyone to at least give it a try.

14. Shoe Dog


As I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to love documentaries and memoirs. Shoe Dog is the memoir of Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, in his early years.

His story is both fascinating and inspirational as he recounts his tale of how he went from selling someone else’s shoes out of the back of his car to signing the world’s greatest athlete.

13. Ghostbusters

This may be controversial but I loved the new all-female Ghostbusters movie. The four female leads were hilarious and Chris Hemsworth showed his comedic range as the ridiculous assistant, Kevin.



Growing up there was no movie that didn’t have Star Wars in the title that I watched more than the original Ghostbusters. Peter Venkman was my hero. I made proton packs out of my school backpack and would chase my dog around trying to trap her (sorry, Mitzie.)

So to all those who claim that this has ruined their beloved franchise well, I love it as much as you do/did and I think the new movie is great.

So shut it.

That’s it for today! Check back to tomorrow for #12-#9!


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