SHEMA: Putting it All Together

Life is like music. It naturally has a melodic flow and there’s a strong rhythm to it.

There are daily, seasonal, and even yearly rhythms to life.

Think about a typical day for you. It’s easy to picture it, right? You get up, grab your phone, check Facebook, get mad, quit Facebook, shower…then check Facebook, go to work, etc. etc.

Sometimes that song is the transition from one season of life to the next: in and/out of the Christmas season, a new job, a school semester, a new relationship or as I’ve been teaching my kids simply going from one sport to another brings its own unique ryhthm.

The idea behind the Shema when I introduced this prayer last week (Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength) was to introduce you to a new rhythm. A new pattern of life.

I believe when we get in tune with the Shema then the day to day music we make and sing along to will change us and bring us joy.

Here’s an example of a typical day from this week in my life and which part of the Shema is affected:

After waking up, I grab some breakfast and head downstairs to write (SOUL/MIND) while listening to music (HEART/MIND).

I do the dishes because I know my wife has been stressed out having to run the kids around after she gets out of work and while I’m at work. (SOUL)

I hit the indoor stationary bike in the basement (STRENGTH) while watching “Friday Night Lights” on Netflix (engaging culture with my MIND).

I make dinner for the family so we can spend that one hour between them getting home and me going into work together. (SOUL)

At work, I listen to several podcasts (MIND) and spend time reading my Bible and praying on break (HEART/MIND).

That’s it.

When we look at it line by line we see that it’s not that hard. Most of these things are things we may do anyway, I just choose to do it more intentionally.

I’m paying attention to the music being made with my life.

My relationship with God is the song and my heart, soul, mind, and strength are the instruments. The song is at its most beautiful when all the band is playing together.

This is my prayer for you all as we move out of the *year-that-shall-not-be-named-again into 2017.


I can’t encourage you enough that if you want to live in rhythm with THE Music Maker that you study this prayer and live it out daily.


NEXT WEEK: The Sweet 16 Sweet Things of 16 countdown begins!

*Seriously, 2016…go away. You’ve bullied us too long.


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