A Thanksgiving Prayer for My Peeps

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. Family. Friends. Food. Football. It’s beautiful. That’s the typical American Thanksgiving .

But not for all of us.

For some, there’s an empty seat that wasn’t empty last year. Maybe there’s a place at the table that has never been filled.

For others, it may actually be the people who will be in those seats.

Whatever your Thanksgiving story is,  I spent time at work last night/this morning praying for you and the three groups of people on Thanksgiving and here’s some of my prayer:

For those who have a “typical” American Thanksgiving.

I pray we’d all put the tech down and be in the moment. The people in the room with you on Thanksgiving are more important than those online. That’s why these people are at the table with you. No amount of “likes” will replace them or their faces looking back at yours.

My recommendation would be that whenever you get to where you’re going to set the phone somewhere it can’t tempt you.

Be present. Be with them. Laugh. Eat. Burp and laugh some more. Watch as your weird uncle does that thing with the gizzard and then awkwardly laugh some more. Play cards. Play a board game. Engage in NON-POLITICAL conversations. BE IN THE MOMENT. Don’t let it slip by because you don’t know when you’ll run out on time with the ones in the room.

For those who have to deal with people they’d rather not deal with.

I pray that those of you in that situation would be gracious, merciful, and loving. I pray that God through you would show them the same grace and forgiveness you’ve received.

I get it. There are some people who if they weren’t blood you’d rather not see them today. Maybe it’s their opinions on politics and society or that you just can’t seem to get along or you had a big blow up for which they still need to apologize (because it definitely wasn’t your fault!) but you desperately need to hit the reset button on the relationship.

Make today that day.

You don’t have to work through all the garbage today but you can certainly start making things better by how you treat them.

For those who have lost loved ones.

I know the pain never really fully goes away and that the empty seat still looms large over the family. My prayer is that God, through the pain, would fill your day with laughter and love as you remember the ones who are gone and that you’d make new memories with those who remain in their honor.

God has promised that he’ll be with us in our pain and heartache. Sometimes (maybe even oftentimes) he uses physical people to do that.


Don’t stress over perfection.

Don’t stress over people.

Just love them. Be in the moment. Be thankful for all God has given you.

These clips are freebies. Happy Thanksgiving!






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