Unorthodox Faith: You Got Your Science in my Religion!

“Evolution is the idea some people have to explain life without God.” – Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis and possible creator of delicious, non-kosher sandwiches

It’s finally time to dig into some theology! For some readers this may come off as heresy (to which I’d point back to yesterday’s blog) and to others this may be a relief for you on your own journey.

I would be lying if at this point if I didn’t admit that I am a little nervous. This is truly a moment of bearing my soul but I’ve never backed away before if I felt it might help someone else, so it is with optimism and not arrogance I press on into today’s topic: God, science and the origin of life.


“In the beginning…”

In terms of opening lines this one ranks among the best. I love it. Lines like “Once upon a time” and “Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away” all seem to take their cues from it.

For all of its greatness the Bible’s opening line neglects to tell us one thing…WHEN the beginning was.

That’s because the opening of Genesis (the story of beginnings) is less concerned with showing us HOW/WHEN God created and is more interested in showing WHO/WHY created.

In “Religion and the Sciences of Origins” author Kelly James Clark wrote about late 16th scientist Francis Bacon’s Doctrine of the Two Books saying:

“God revealed himself in two ways, the Book of Scripture and the Book of Nature. Through the Book of Scripture we can learn of God’s will for our lives and God’s character. Through the Book of Nature we can learn of God’s power and intellect as manifest in his well ordered universes.”

Bacon – it’s not just the perfect food, but it’s also pretty profound.

Science and Scriptures are not enemies. I don’t know where that lie came from. It definitely wasn’t Bacon because Bacon would never do that to us.

The theological importance of Genesis 1&2 then isn’t to teach us HOW God created but THAT he created. Alone. Out of nothing.

This speaks to his sovereignty (rule over everything).

His methodology doesn’t change anything.

He used a literal six, twenty-four hour days? Awesome.

He guided creation along a billions of years process? Sweet.

Neither view changes the message – God is the Creator of everything.

This has become so important to me because I was tired of reading and seeing evidence of science point to an old earth. There was just no way that all of these scientists could have it out for Christianity that they would make this up.

My newish belief in an old earth has led me to more questions worth wrestling with but for now, I’m glad I can take off my tinfoil “science is anti-faith” conspiracy theory hat and enjoy science for what it is: a glimpse into God’s power as we learn the intricate details by which he formed everything.

*side note: writing only 500 words is hard.



One thought on “Unorthodox Faith: You Got Your Science in my Religion!

  1. E Bryant says:

    Enjoying these posts. I’ve heard the debates between Old Earth Creationists and Young Earth Creationists and I think that both sides have points. One non-negotiable is the existence of Adam and Eve as the actual beginning of the human race. This understanding is essential since both Jesus and Paul talk about them as actual human beings and not some typological myth figures.

    I am ashamed to admit that a while back, for a few years, I attempted to hold to a Theistic Evolutionist model. It failed when held up to Scripture and I had to abandon it.

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