The Three Best Things About a Zombie Apocalypse.

Have you ever sat down and watched the Walking Dead and thought “I wonder what it would be like living in the zombie apocalypse?”

Of course you have!

I mean, I can’t be the only one who has a full on plan on how to protect his family should an “event” actually occur, right?

While it would be extremely dangerous, but let’s be honest – there’s an upside to the downfall of humanity.

Here’s my top 3 ways life would be improved if we were on the run from those who want to eat us.

  1. The death of social media and the media. Most people are social media junkies. One recent report stated the average person checks their phone over eighty times a day. Forget the coming zombie apocalypse. It’s already here. Watch the way people check their phones constantly every time it makes a noise or when we don’t know what else to do.

    Combine that with bad journalism and you’ve got real trouble. According to a recent study 44% of ADULTS get their news from Facebook. Ex. An article was shared about the Pope endorsing Trump over ONE MILLION times. And it wasn’t true. But it was treated as if it were true because too many of us get our “facts” from Facebook.

    If media and social media were dead, then we’d be walking around with our head’s up and we might notice some things like…

  2. The rebirth of community. Getting rid of phones and other tech devices that turn us all into zombies for the literal walking dead might work out ok since we’d actually have deep, meaningful relationships again. We’d have to look someone in the eye before spouting the kind of trolling hate usually reserved for social media. How great is that?

    No more going to someone’s house for Thanksgiving only to see two dozen people staring at their phones. Instead, we’d be laughing and sharing and just enjoying each other again. You know…IRL.

  3. We’d have to consider life after death again. If there’s one thing that social media and tech has taught us it’s that if we need to forget real life then it’s always here for us. Don’t want to think about real struggles? Look up cat videos on YouTube. Don’t want to think about the results of that biopsy? Scroll through any number of social media sites and all your problems will go away…for a moment.

The truth is, we need to consider life, death and the afterlife more than we do now. Too many of us aren’t living, we’re shambling through, dragged by our phones, being the undead who only live when we feast on “likes” or “thumbs up”. It only superficially keeps us alive.

We were created by God to feel and be alive.

A forgotten saying of Jesus is “I came so that they might have life and have it to the fullest.” That’s a reference to eternal life and life here and now. Don’t confuse that with the prosperity gospel. In fact, that might be a fourth benefit – no one would believe God wants us all healthy and wealthy anymore beacause…apocalypse!

So maybe a zombie apocalypse wouldn’t be all that bad. It’d bring us back to being a community of people who care and invest in each other while preparing and working towards, a bigger, longer lasting future. One without the negative effects of tech and social media.


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