The trailer for Logan featuring everyone’s favorite Canadian mutant seems to be a potential hit and suggests that Marvel has learned a lot from the small screen Netflix success and even the surprise hit, Deadpool from earlier this year.

That would be huge because the first solo Wolverine movie, the lengthily titled X-Men Origins: Wolverine featured this:

And a Deadpool (played by the same actor, Ryan Reynolds, who was in the hit Deadpool this year) that looked like this:

Still…it wasn’t all that bad. I suppose…

The second standalone Cannucklehead movie shortened the title and went with The Wolverine. 

It was a better movie but still fairly forgettable.

Enter the trailer for Logan.

I mentioned yesterday that Marvel on Netflix is hitting all the right notes because it keeps the stories smaller and more personal and this trailer seems to keep in line with that. Even the title suggests a more personal story by going with Logan instead of another form of Wolverine: the Third Cut or something as equally gross as the title.

The third standalone movie seems to take some chances by narrowing the scale of the movie and setting it further in the future where Logan is more…seasoned…but the potential story seems like Mad Max meets cool mutants and has me very excited.

There’s one line in particular that gives me hope and goosebumps.
Logan: “Someone will come along.”
Sir Patrick Stewart’s Professor X: “Someone has come along.”

Check out the trailer below and then the red band trailer (will it be rated R?) that has one small difference you’ll undoubtably notice.


The red band trailer…




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