Non-Spoilery Captain America: Civil War thoughts


My 8 year old son and I went to the 7 pm opening night show of Captain America: Civil War.  When we got home, approximately 2 hours after he bedtime, it took me a while to get my son to bed; he was too pumped.

I glanced over at him throughout the film, especially during action sequences. His eyes and smile were wide, every time.  He has announced this film, “his favorite comic book film of all-time” and wondered why it did not come out on Blu Ray the same day.

High praise for an 8 year old.

My thoughts are in the same stratosphere: Civil War is fantastic. The action scenes are exhilerating.  The film, while long, never felt bloated.  There is a lot of narrative lifting to do.  The Russo brothers do it in the most expedient way without losing clarity.

Non-spoilery highlights:

  • Chris Evans owns as Cap, always.  I was team Cap on the way into the theater.  One the way out, the song remains the same.
  • The Falcon-Winter Soldier dynamic is amazing: grounded in male personal dynamic truths and hilarious at the same time.
  • Everything you have read is true: this version of Spider-man is the best put to film, so far.  It is not even close.
  • Chadwick Boseman makes Black Panther work.  It could have went pear-shaped…now I am more geeked for a Black Panther film than I ever though possible.
  • Ant-man, continues to amaze.  You can “Ibid” what I said about Black Panther for  Ant-Man 2.
  • Robert Downey Jr. does some underrated work here.  I have seen some reaction bemoan the loss of 24/7 wiseass Tony Stark.  The character arc and depth for Tony Stark is crucial, and Downey sells it.  The film would not have worked without Tony’s POV making sense.
  • Also, sign me up for Doctor Strange.  The crowd was cold to the trailer.  I think it looks fascinating.

Once X-Men: Apocalypse comes out and I get a chance to see Deadpool and Batman v. Superman on Blu, I will update my Marvel/DC film rankings. (which you can find here.)  Expect the rankings to get even more top heavy with Cap. The Cap trilogy will likely replace Nolan’s Batfilms as my favorite comic book film series.


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