Superheroes Punch Each Other in the Face

It must be boring saving the world all the time. Why else would we see heroes turn their punches and powers from bad guys to each other?

Both Marvel and the DC movie franchises are looking to move into the realm of hero on hero battles with their upcoming movies “Captain America: Civil War” and the lengthily titled “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

Both movies also have new(ish) trailers revealing the in-fighting and there are some stand out observations from the two trailers.

Check out both below and then let’s discuss for a moment.




There’s a story in Scripture I’ve always found fascinating. In Paul’s book of Acts he writes about a run in he had with fellow Christian superhero, Barnabas. Barnabas was a renowned encourager and positive guy (think Superman/Captain America’s optimism) whereas Paul was generally more pragmatic (a la the mans – Bat and Iron). A disagreement came between the two when they were getting ready to make a trip and couldn’t agree whether or not to allow Mark travel with them. Mark had apparently left them on a previous trip before it was finished.

Barnabas thought he should be allowed to go with them again. Paul disagreed. Here’s what the Scriptures say on their resolution:

“And there occurred such a sharp disagreement that they separated from one another,” – Acts 15.39 NASB

That kind of disagreement between two people on the same team continues to intrigue me to this day. Shouldn’t they be able to get along?

It was an issue of methodology. Both had the same goal but different means of getting there..

That’s what I think the appeal is for these two movies – good guys who want the same thing but can’t agree on how to accomplish it.

In Captain America: Civil War we see the government wants to have all superheroes register for the safety of all people after some things go horribly wrong and supers are left holding the smoking gun. Captain America sees this an infringement on human freedom. Iron Man sees this as a necessary step to keep things in order and protect freedom through rules. The results divide the Marvel universe with nearly every hero takes a side because the outcome will affect them all.

It is based on an older comic series but feels incredibly current as we as a society are battling some tough current issues on things like gun control and threats from organizations like ISIS as well as how to handle refugees.

Freedom vs. safety seem to be at the heart.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a little less deep in the plot department. It appears to have the collision of two methodologies and that’s about it. Given what Zack Snyder did with telling Superman’s story in Man of Steel I’m willing to give this movie a shot (though I don’t have an issue with Batfleck).

What are your thoughts? Are you going to see one or the other? Both? How do you feel when hero battles hero?


3 thoughts on “Superheroes Punch Each Other in the Face

  1. Rob Kotaska says:

    I love Man of Steel. The latest BvS:DoJ trailer killed my anticipation… Cap is a slam dunk, love Chris Evans in the role. Better than we deserve.

  2. Brandon Larkin says:

    I’m going to give BvS a shot, as well as Suicide Squad, but on a rental.

    After seeing the latest trailer, I worry about Jesse Eisenberg. Is it just me or does he seem a little too manic for Luthor?

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