The Nerd Pastor Hits a Milestone: 10,000 views

maxresdefaultI have always been a nerd.

I love pop culture. I love Star Wars. I love sports. I love Lord of the Rings. I love video games.

Above those things, I love Jesus.

It was natural to then combine my love for Jesus and theology with my love for all things nerd culture to view the things I love through a lens of my Christian worldview.

It helped create a little space in a corner of the internet (maybe like Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs) where my thoughts and excitement over faith and culture could be voiced.

Well, here we are. 10,000 views later and I couldn’t be more excited for what is next! I’ve been through a church plant, closing that plant, and a vocational change but my love for Jesus and pop culture is still strong. I hope in the beginning on 2016 to add a podcast as well.

To celebrate the first 10k views, here are five of my favorite and the most popular posts from the Nerd Pastor to this point.

Disney will do right by Star Wars: My very first post seems rather predictive and easy to call in hind sight, but I feel validated that early on I called it when I said the House of Mouse would revive the ailing franchise. Read that post here.

The Walking Dead is good: It’s not always great, but it is always really good and it is my favorite show on television. I often blog about it but this was one time I felt the need to defend it. After a huge Season 3 they seem to hit the reset button and slow down the pace for most of Season 4. I for one was a fan. Check it out here.

Film and Theology: A regular staple has been the Film and Theology series. I’ve had less time lately to do these as they are more time intensive and while planting the church and working full time at Ford time has been in short supply but with the upcoming season of film I hope to make that return soon. Here’s one of my favorites for Man of Steel.

The condition of sports: I’m more a fan of the college game than the pros but there has been a disturbing trend that these young men are being taught horrible lessons and then returned to the real world with skewed and distorted ideas about life and how to treat others, especially women. This is a post written on that stuff.

Be creative. This was perhaps my favorite post of all time and is definitely my wife’s favorite. We love creativity and believe God wants us all to be creative. That doesn’t mean we all have to be traditional artists. Creativity is so much more than that. You can read that here.

Thank you all who have been a part of the first 10,000 views and here’s to the next 10k and beyond!


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