Nike Commercials are Perfection

While Under Armour may be winning the hearts of kids when it comes to gear (minus the shoes), Nike is still king when it comes to their commercials.

They’ve always had the smartest marketing campaigns around from Mars Blackmon to the “Bo Knows” campaign to Chris Rock as Little Penny and the return of  puppets in the MVPuppets.

Nike perfectly blends great music (usually something retro and I mean really retro), great humor, and great athletes but the whole thing feels so accessible as if they’re asking us to play too.

Since losing 50 pounds this year, my inner competitive athlete has been awoken and these ads always get my heart rate going. I watch them and before I realize it I’ve got my shoes on and I’m running or headed to the gym.

The most recent one is called “Snow Day” and features the NFL’s own resident knucklehead, Gronk and the walking fine (and a knucklehead in his own right), Suh. Enjoy!

Here’s another one of my favorites that really draws us in called “Short a Guy”. It’s nearly impossible to watch without grinning ear to ear.

And of course, the commercial that made me fall in love all over again “Dr. Drain”. D’arryl Drain acts just like my best friend and I would act growing up playing basketball.

Since we’re getting somewhat nostalgic let’s just take a look at a couple of the all-time great Nike commercials.

From the “Bo Knows” series

The MVPuppets (I am admittedly a life long Muppets fan and this is great especially since there is little done in the way of vocal accuracy for Kobe and Lebron.

One last commercial, Dennis Hopper plays a referee who can’t handle Barry Sanders – the greatest running back in the history of football. That’s a fact.


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