When Nerd-vana Happened

July 10th, 2015. A day that I now consider “Nerd-vana” (or “nerdtification” if we want to Jesus juke it) because it held not one, not two, not three, but 4 different pieces of culture that set my heart afire. So briefly (and in no order of importance) here they are:

The Walking Dead Season 6 trailer.

I kept waiting to hear that Negan had been cast for Season 6. Anyone who has read the comics likely feels that his storyline has been the apex storyline for the series. “All out War” and the issues immediately after were second to none. But that casting announcement was never made.

Enter this new trailer that shows it is going to be just fine. A new way of life, new people (is that Ethan Embry?!?), and trouble for Daryl’s legions of fans as he seems to be in deep trouble. This season looks to continue to show that adjusting to the new ethics is just as problematic and dangerous as the walkers themselves.

Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters and Ecto-1 photo.

Ghostbusters was one of the two most important franchises to me growing up. The other of course, was Star Wars (and just wait for that one).

The blending of comedy, action, and really cool ghost busting equipment hit the sweet spot of who I wanted to be. In my mind, I wanted to be a Peter Venkman.

The franchise has mostly sat on the shelf for the better part of two decades. Recently, there was a lot of discussion on reboots, continuation, who would or would not return. It had been in limbo and seemed doomed to stay there forever. Now, we are on the front edge of the franchise becoming a universe much like Marvel has created.

This photo was released yesterday and it highlights that they have created something new while still very much holding onto what has made the series great. From the proton packs to the jumpsuits and even Ecto-1, my this one simple tweeted picture has me remembering that busting makes me feel good.

Fear the Walking Dead Trailer

Because I need more of this world filled with zombies and stuff.

Star Wars the Force Awakens Vid-doc

No franchise held my affection like Star Wars growing up.

After the prequel trilogy, I had lost hope and nearly sworn the franchise off because the new storyline ruined so much of what had made it great. We’re looking at you, Anakin Skywalker storyline!

But J.J. Abrams has made me believe in the magic again and given the way Disney has handled Marvel I trust that the future is very bright for the beloved galaxy far, far away.

As if my hype weren’t already at a fevered pitch this video showing behind the scenes footage has me nearly forgetting to eat and sleep in anticipation.

Nerds, we have great reason to rejoice and be exceedingly glad for our entertainment future seems filled with enjoyment and opportunities to discuss the bigger things in life.


3 thoughts on “When Nerd-vana Happened

  1. Adam Lockhart says:

    We love that movie. He looks…aged…in this trailer. Still, it’s good to see him in something again.

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