For the Life of the World

I grew up with an extra helping of Christian sub-culture. From shows like Bibleman and Psalty as a kid to Carman videos like “Satan Bite the Dust” as a teen to movies like Left Behind (the Kirk Cameron version, not the sure fire hit staring Nic Cage) and Facing the Giants as an adult and they all have one thing in common (aside from the Jesus-y message) – poor production value. Poor writing. Poor cinematography. And even in some cases poor theology. So that’s more like three to four things in common, but you get the point.

Christian media is can be filled with decent content but presented in such a way that it is hard to see through to the main point for Christians and is impossible to ignore for non-Christians.

So when I first saw this article on the Gospel Coalition website for a new series called For the Life of the World I was interested.

I watched the trailer and wanted to see more. I rented the first episode and was immediately struck by two major things:

1. The production value was more than just passable – it was good! I enjoyed the scripted, yet tongue in cheek relaxed tone it took. There was humor. There was a cool retro (and borderline hipster) vibe to everything that helped push the conversation along instead of hindering it.

And for the first time since the groundbreaking Nooma videos we have something fresh and original and not another copycat of the Rob Bell created formula.

2. The message is both timely and important. From the very outset of the first episode, Christians are encouraged to challenge the thought that they are victims and that the world somehow owes them something. Instead, using Jeremiah’s story as a backdrop (and Jeremiah 29-33 in particular), the question is asked “What if we are in exile for the good of the world?” much the same way the children of Israel were.

The content is so much more than a video saying “Hey, Christian – you’re doing it wrong.” It is a 7 part series that really seeks to get to the heart of the Christian worldview. How should being a follower of Jesus affect our relationships? The way we work? The way we view knowledge? The way we interact with the world?

In fact, I believe through it’s use Scripture, analogies, imagery and discussions, F.L.O.W. is possibly the best presentation of the Christian worldview out right now.

Yes, I believe it is that important.

We’ve somehow lost sight that being a Christian is more than “don’t say these words and you’re good” or “say this magic prayer and then wait to die and go to heaven.”

It is an invitation to live a life that reflects the grace, mercy, and forgiveness we’ve been given.

It’s an opportunity to use the creativity, passion, and gifts that have been given to us by the Creator for the Creator.

It’s an opportunity to bless the world around us as we live as exiles and strangers in a strange land.

Check out the video preview below. It’s good, but it still can’t hold a candle to the full experience of each episode. Watch, enjoy, and I hope that whatever community of people you’re in who are asking the big questions about faith and life would consider buying and studying this together.


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