Idaho is for Awesome

This may be the most amazing/awful 20 minutes of your day. This is an ACTUAL debate that took place for the GOP race for governor in the state of Idaho.

What makes it awesome is that anyone can actually run for office.

What makes it awful is the loveless version of the truth and the crazy voice of God (“Don’t call me crazy, because I’m not) that one candidate declared to have heard.

One is clearly crazy.

The other loves his family, loves his God, but has trouble communicating that love to others and see himself as a cornered animal.

If it weren’t so hilariously awkward, I think I’d be overcome by disappointment that this is (yet again) how Christians are portrayed: crazy and/or hearing voices that tell us to do things that we have no business doing.

The real heroes of the debate? The panel who asked serious questions and the moderator who somehow, heroically, managed not to laugh.




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