Everything Changes…Except College Sports

We live in a progressive culture. Everything is expected to grow and change.

All except for college sports.

No matter how large the revenues become for the non profit NCAA the players remain unpaid. I’ve always been cool with that because it isn’t as though the student athletes aren’t getting anything in return. They’re getting an expensive education. It’s the whole “give a man a fish vs. teach them to fish” mindset.

Even when last month the Northwestern Wildcats won a case to unionize, I rolled my eyes.

But as more and more stories come out of players skirting NCAA rules by simply taking money to put gas in their car or to receive free food I realize something is broken. Why shouldn’t there be some changes made? The NCAA and the universities are making millions upon millions on the backs of student athletes.

Before I go too far into this, I’ll just simply say that as I watched Jon Stewart on the Daily Show last night my one thought was “nailed it.”


NOTE: I spent too long this morning trying to get the video to embed. Sorry, but follow the link to watch it directly from Comedy Central. It is two parts and absolutely worth it.




One thought on “Everything Changes…Except College Sports

  1. Rob Kotaska says:

    The big problem is that there is no good solution. I agree that players should be covered for health issues related to their playing days. There are good cases to be had that players should get paid for jerseys sold with their number during their tenure at the school.

    The fact is that unless you make very specific changes like this, it will fall through. Title IX, which I back, would require that you pay all athletes, not just the cash cow sports.

    Corruption would be a big issue, but one that also creates jobs. So that argument rings hollow.

    But what really chafes me that 40k a year in scholarship are so devalued. A majority of athletes need that diploma for their employment. And it is no small thing to escape school without student loans, trust me.

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