New Music for Lent

This was a great week for music.

In addition to John Mark McMillan’s “Borderlands” release we also got new music from the Royal Royal with a very Tolkien inspired album title called “Return of the King”.

Lent is the season in the Christian calendar when we lean into the hurt and brokenness of the world and build anticipation towards the resurrection Sunday we call Easter. Since today is the first day of Lent here’s a new release by Page CXVI called “Lent to Maundy Thursday” which you can check out here on the Drop from Relevant Magazine.

Page CXVI has a passion for reinventing old hyms and they do it incredibly well and with a great reverence for worshipping through music.

All three releases are fantastic and should give hope for the future of Jesus music.

What are you listening to now? How are you observing Lent? If you’re looking for something to give up for the purpose of drawing closer to God but don’t know what to do, why not try this *highly spiritualized, God inspired BuzzFeed quiz? You know you want to.


*those were jokes. Please don’t get all “internet level angry” with me over a joke.


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