So This Is A Thing (Another Christian Parody)

There’s a formula in the Christian community.

Take one part pop culture (song, brand, movie)

Then add one part to change it ever so slightly to make it something Jesus-y.

Like this shirt.

Voila. You might as well print your own money with a gem like this.

I’ve seen a new video start to circulate that follows the formula.

Take that pop culture song, in this case it is Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”

Remove the “Blurred Lines” and replace it with “Church Signs”

What separates this video from most is that it is self aware.

It knows that church signs are often awful and cause many Christians and non-Christians to roll there eyes.

It also is aware that the idea of a Christian parody song is pretty weak.

So I guess that self awareness kind of makes it better.

Either way, I’ll let you decide for yourself.



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