I Got My Tight Pants On! (A Morning Motivation)

This morning was difficult. I woke up and my body shouted at me “You shall not wake!” in a very Gandalf-like voice. Everything ached. I dragged myself out of bed and hopped in the shower.

FLASHBACK: Last night, I had a conversation with my 8 year old son who a month or so ago really wanted some skinny jeans. He stopped wearing them because someone made fun of him for wearing them.

I told him “Whenever you do something different than everyone else they will make fun of you. It’s because they don’t understand.” I asked him “Do you think us planting a church is making a difference? Do you think it is cool?”

He responded “YES! I love our church, dad! I think it’s awesome!”

I looked him in the eye and said “People told me I was stupid and dumb for doing this. Sometimes, doing things that other people don’t understand will be hard and we’ll be made fun of but we do it anyway, because it isn’t about them.”

He smiled, folded his skinny jeans and got them ready for the morning.

BACK TO THIS MORNING: As I pouted about getting out of the shower, I heard Max singing. I walked into the front room to him singing this song and dancing like this…

That’s what we call a parenting win.

And yes, I know the clip had a swear word in it. No emails or replies about that please and thank you.

The point is, he decided he was going to wear his skinny jeans aka tight pants  and wear them proudly.

And it made me laugh instantly making the morning awesome.

Thank you, God for helping my son understand that sometimes doing things will be met with resistance but we do those things anyway.

And while wearing skinny jeans isn’t the same as doing something truly counter cultural these moments help him understand that nothing good is done without resistance.


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