Andy Mineo and the New Christian Hip Hop

Andy Mineo has been around for awhile on the Christian hip hop scene but with the 2013 release Heroes for Sale Mineo really seemed to have found his sweet spot that hits with the listening audience. Honest and blunt about his character and desire for God make him refreshing and encouraging.

The Christian hip hop scene has become impressive with artists like Lecrae, Tedashi, and Derek Minor (formerly, Pro).

But more recently, Andy Mineo has become my favorite of the group and the newly released 7 song EP called Never LandĀ another reason why he is not just the future but a big part of the genre’s present.

With tracks like “You Can’t Stop Me” and “Paganini” (you know, the famous violinist) its easy to hear and feel why Mineo has become so popular.

Check him out:



Here’s an official video for “Ayo” off of Heroes for Sale.



If you’d like to check out Neverland, check it out on iTunes here.


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