Is Thug the New “N” Word?

Since the one of a kind post game interview given by Richard Sherman on Sunday a lot has been said about him and by him. We’ve learned a lot about Sherman and it has been very positive.

The night he gave the interview a new commercial featuring Beats by Dre with Sherman debuted. It features him being called a thug and his reaction to it. Here’s the commercial:


But in a press conference yesterday he brought up a point about the word “thug” and did so light heartedly.

Here’s the interview:


I’ve never made the connection in my area between those two words but I can see how it would feel that way.

I also heard on the radio this morning a caller say “Racism isn’t dead, it just moved to the internet.”

In response to what Sherman had to say that made a lot of sense and it was obvious that he wasn’t trying to make a big deal out of it or he wouldn’t have made the hockey joke.

But it is easy to speak in code on the internet and be racist without using racist words.

You don’t have to use a derogatory word to slander someone.

Just call them “those people”.

Or thugs.

Or any one of probably hundreds of other insults that attack someone simply for their ethnicity or a single action from their life.

What do you think? Is this the front end of a discussion where we realize that you can be racist without ever using the taboo words or are people being too sensitive?


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