The Best Basketball Themed Internet Sensations of 2014…So Far!

Seem to early to call something the best of the year? Then you haven’t seen these two videos yet.

The first is easily one of the greatest videos ever but first, a little set up.

Posterize – a Basketball term meaning to embarrass some one usually while slamming the ball over them. It refers to the guy whos being dunked on in basketball posters. (definition via Urban Dictionary)

As a kid, I always dreamed of posterizing someone.

These Buffalo Bills fans have gone next level with posterizing. They travel with their own backboard and spent their Sunday afternoons in the Bills parking lot posterizing fans of opposing teams. All while wearing Zubaz pants.

Through in some great 80’s music and you won’t find a better basketball themed internet trend this year.

Please, Lord, let posterizing become a big deal on the internet.


The second video is called Lebronning.

Lebronning – the act of flopping in an over exaggerated motion in order to get the refs to blow their whistle.

See left for an example.

So here’s the next level version of Lebroning.








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