Bible Video Games

As recent as 2011 the video game industry made over $50 billion. With a “b”. It should come as no surprise with an industry that large that Christians would want to get involved in it.

This morning I read about a Kickstarter campaign for a game called Bible Chronicles: The Call of Abraham. It is an RPG (role playing game) based on an Elamite outcast who joins Abraham’s caravan as the travel from Haran.

Excited yet?



This isn’t the first time a video game based on the Scripture has been released though you’ve likely never heard of most of them.  One such game is Left Behind: Eternal Forces (based on the movie staring Nic Cage which is based on the Kirk Cameron magnum opus which is based on the popular book franchise that never seemed to stop by Tim Lehaye and Jerry Jenkins).

In LB:EF you play as a member of the Tribulation Force and the goal is to convert people in a post rapture New York who have been “left behind” to defeat the anti-Christ and the Global Community. 

The last sentence was 100% true.

I applaud the intentions of these two men. They want to encourage people to bring the Scriptures into the home and that’s a good thing.

But as a lifelong gamer I can tell you this does nothing for the gaming community. Literally, the first minute of the video is gameplay and the entire time the character is walking around in a completely bland environment. No action. Not even a shot of opening some random treasure chest or smashing a barrel which populates every video game ever.

So is making a Bible based video game a good idea?

Can a good Christian video game be made? If a good movie or television show (at least visually) can be made based on the Bible then why not a good game?


One thought on “Bible Video Games

  1. Eric Bryant says:

    That’s embarrassing. Both the you tube video and the game look like they are from the late 90s or around the year 2000. This type of Christian niche marketing almost always means poor product. I’m sure these men mean well but if they can’t do this with excellence it’s not going anywhere.

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