I am a Pastor

I am a pastor.

That is not to be confused with another “p” word  – perfect because I am definitely not that.

But some expect pastors to be.

The truth is as a pastor many, if not all, of my short comings are on full display. By being a pastor I invite people into my life and those who accept it see almost everything.

When I screw up raising my boys.

When I am not loving towards my wife.

When I am selfish.

When I make an inappropriate joke or comment.

When I make decisions selfishly.

When I at times have doubts.

I am most decidedly, far from perfect. But that is not what is required of me.

“what does the Lord require of you
but to do justice, and to love kindness,
and to walk humbly with your God?” – Micah 6.8 ESV

Perfection didn’t make the cut.

So when I invite people into my life and church to be lead by my teaching and discipleship, I am asking people to follow my honesty. My transparency. My readiness to admit mistakes (sins) and turn from them. My commitment to the Scriptures. My striving for transformation to become more like Christ. My love and passion for Jesus. 

So why do I and others do it? Why pastor?

Firstly, because I was called by God to do it.

No loud audible voice, but it has been a clear calling on my life the way a teacher or a doctor would feel called to their job.

But also because I love when my life can be an example or a reason why someone else trusts God more.

When my story inspires them in their story.

When my faith in Christ during the messy times leads someone else to place their faith in Christ during their messy times.

Ultimately, that is why I do it.

I don’t like people seeing everything. It is humbling and at times embarrassing. It is daily exposing myself to the unhealthy expectations of others, the criticisms and judgments – both rightly and wrongly.

But I do it each day so that I can point and direct people to a Savior who is perfect.

Who can restore our broken relationship with himself and others.

Who can change our story and help us sort through our messes.

And for that reason I, and countless other pastors, will be open and transparent people. So that people can “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 11.1)

I am an imperfect pastor serving a perfect Savior and I don’t want anyone to ever get the two confused.




…so that I can keep this post inline with the blog’s theme: The Hobbit comes out this week. That sure looks awesome, doesn’t it?



2 thoughts on “I am a Pastor

  1. Kelley McElreath says:

    First things first…you make inappropriate jokes or comments??? OMG! You mean you are actually human?! Well, that is awesome to know my friend.

    Thank you for the post and for putting it out there on FB. I think you will reach more people that way as I totally forgot you even had a blog. But SO many believers MUST read this and hear your heart. I really don’t like calling people “Pastor Adam or Pastor Bobby, etc” because that is when people start seeing you as a title with all kinds of expectations attached to it, and very unrealistic ones I might add. As you well know, a big percentage of us have been critically wounded by the church and an even bigger percentage went on to be wounded yet again from different leaders.

    But ya know, pastors are just people. Just like a mechanic is just a mechanic. If a fantastic mechanic that does amazing work on transmissions has no clue on how to rebuild an engine, does that make him somehow less than any other mechanic or greater than? Absolutely not. People put pastors and leaders on a pedestal and they don’t even realize they are doing so. And it is just a place none of us ask to be on. When you are real and write things like this post it makes YOU real and more approachable. Thank you.

    But of course you know there are two sides to EVERY story. The other side of this is the pastors out there who abuse their authority, their knowledge of the bible, there position of power, their wealth, their success and so on to place their OWN self on that pedestal then they can’t figure out why everyone seems so judgmental and non-sympathetic when they fall. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. These are leaders that are extremely confident on the exterior and make members feel like they are perfect and without fault and are better than them. THIS is when people get hurt and wounded sometimes beyond repair.

    I see so many stories about situations like this. I’ve been coming across videos of famous comedians making down right fun of Christians for their idiotic behavior and it is a complete embarrassment. I don’t really like to say I am a Christian per say. I think I’d rather be known as a follower of Jesus. What are your thoughts?

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