The Pastor and the Comic – Rob Bell and Pete Holmes

I’ve followed Rob Bell since his first book Velvet Elvis. From this book that pushed back on a lot of traditional thought on  through his years at Mars Hill Bible Church (which he founded in Grand Rapids, MI) to the ground breaking Nooma (which has been often imitated but never duplicated) videos and even more recently, the drama dusted up by his books Love Wins and What We Talk About When We Talk About God.

Since Rob resigned from Mars Hill and traded in Michigan for California, he has been seemingly quiet and rumored to be working on a television pilot and now, a talk show.

Rob has also been writing a blog series called “What is the Bible?” which I cannot recommend enough. Seriously. I’m only 8 posts in but it is some of his best writing to date.

I’ve been following comedian Pete Holmes since I discovered his stand up on Spotify over the summer. He describes his look as very “youth pastor”. It’s interesting to hear Pete’s stand up because you can catch a thread of faith questions that runs through a lot of his comedy. He had a conservative church upbringing and has since walked away from that faith but still has a lot of lingering questions that come through in his comedy. His latest stand up release is even called Nice Try, the Devil and reflects his history with the church.

Pete has been featured on Conan O’Brian’s show and recently, he was given his own talk show following Conan’s.

These two men have crossed paths and the results are interesting, funny, and potentially life changing. Based on their new friendship, Rob has been featured on Pete’s new talk show and there is a lot of potential here. I’ll be honest, I was excited just to see these two paired together but now I’m excited for where these discussions can go.

Rob is a polarizing figure in the Christian community. He’s been called everything from the next Billy Graham to a heretic who is sending an entire generation to Hell.

Pete is just funny 

He also had Rob on his podcast “You Made it Weird w/ Pete Holmes” which is an explicit podcast.

So I’m going to throw a bunch of videos at you, and let me know what you think. Be warned though, many of the videos include Pete using language that you may not want to hear.

The first clip is of Rob and Pete surfing together.

This next clip is McDonald’s.

And this last clip is one of my favorite Nooma videos called “Rhythm”.


One thought on “The Pastor and the Comic – Rob Bell and Pete Holmes

  1. Eric Bryant says:

    This saddens me. Rob Bell, at best, is a false teacher in the church. This is not even a hard judgment to make. It is clear to anyone with a modicum of Biblical knowledge and objectivity. Listen to what a solid Christian theologian and apologist has to say about him:


    Or here:

    And here:

    I pray you will change your mind as the Holy Spirit opens your eyes. These false teachers are to be condemned.

    I haven’t watched the videos you posted yet. I will when I get a chance. I will also take a look at the What is the Bible? blog and make my own judgment.

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