FREE NEW MUSIC – Beautiful Eulogy

Most Christian music just parrots mainstream music. For this reason, it has always been behind instead of at the front of musical creativity.

Enter Beautiful Eulogy. This rap trio released their debut Satellite Kite last year, and I thought it was fantastic. They skip over shallow lyrics to create something brilliant and deep all while being played over creative and often mellow beats.

Here’s a sample lyric from the song “The Size of Sin”:

“Can mankind make an image of a god and be convinced that the god they imagine in their mind is a god that exists? But if God made man, how can man make a god and make a claim that God is confined to fit within a frame? How can mankind decide how God should be identified? Can you alter the truth if you accept or deny? Do the stars disappear when the blind look at the sky, or do they simply fail to see what was there the whole time?

They’re very different and not likely for everyone but I really love this group.

You can listen to their first two releases on Spotify or download them on Noisetrade.

What do you think?


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