Keanu the Samurai’s Excellent Adventure

It’s been over a month since I’ve last updated the blog. Because of my schedule, I missed blogging on the end of Breaking Bad (best show ever) and the return of the Walking Dead which is getting stronger by the week and has a great, unexpected plot where disease has become the sickness.

The latest The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug trailer was released and aside from throwing in Legolas and a love interest, it is really good.

There have also been tons of new announcements for the superhero movies from Thor, Captain America and the second Avengers movie.

Major and minor announcements made in regards to Star Wars Episode VII including Harrison Ford and how Indiana Jones 5 might have been a part of that signing.

But instead of coming back with something big like that, my return to the blog was brought about by Keanu Reeves and his new movie that opens on Christmas Day called “47 Ronin”.

The trailer has been online for three months already, but I just caught wind of it last night. I’ll have to say, it scratches an itch for me. The story is about 47 ronin warriors against a seemingly endless army.

There is something in all of us where the underdog story resonates with our souls. As storytellers created in the image of THE Storyteller we all can appreciate the David and Goliath stories where the hero wins against insurmountable odds. The Christian faith is filled with stories of underdogs who by God’s power accomplish things they could never do on their own.

Also, in my opinion, swords are better than guns.

So here’s the trailer. What do you think?


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