Hey Internet! Here’s Something You Should be Upset About

Recently, Sports Illustrated began running a 5 part article on a scandal at Oklahoma State. The 10 month investigation that spoke with over 60 players from 2001-2010 will likely cause huge waves for the program and college football. It’s broken into 5 sections which are: money, academics, drugs, sex, and the fallout.

What I find concerning is the sex. In a short summary of what to expect SI writes:

OSU’s hostess program, Orange Pride, figured so prominently in the recruitment of prospects that the group more than tripled in size under Miles. Both Miles and Gundy took the unusual step of personally interviewing candidates. Multiple former players and Orange Pride members say that a small subset of the group had sex with recruits, a violation of NCAA rules.

Maybe after recently being a part of a run to help end sexual trafficking, this feels too much like it. Perhaps I’m overreacting, but it seems unreal to me that grown men responsible for the raising of men (not boys who can shave) are soliciting women to be a part of a program for the very purpose of having sex with recruits to get them to play a game for a school.

How degrading for the girls.

What a terrible lesson to teach young men.

What poor leadership from the coaches and staff.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of these programs.

Stanley McClover who played for Auburn says that during his recruiting trip to OSU, he was told by a player already on the team to pick out any girl he wanted at a party. McClover did, and received sexual services from her.

We are teaching boys to be men who disrespect women and use them for sex. As if porn is objectifying them enough, now we have major universities using them as recruiting tools. This seems to me to be a form of prostitution.

This is a far cry from the way Jesus treated women.

Jesus saved a woman who was about to be murdered by men for things they were also guilty of (John 8.3-11)

Jesus engages a woman who was culturally shunned and told her she could have life (John 4.1-30)

Jesus taught something far better than what has become acceptable and encouraged today.

More than college kids accepting money to play a game, this treatment of young women destroys what both men and women were created to be by a God who loves regardless of gender.



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