TED Says “Embrace the Shake”

Creativity. I believe that it comes from God. We were created in His image and He is the ultimate Creator. That is why we are creative. We are mini-creators and storytellers.

TED Talks. A series of short (5-20 minute) lectures for the purpose of stretching the mind and discovering what is next as God reveals Himself to us through what He has created (the last part is my addition and not that of TED). It covers everything from science to humor to creativity and everything in between. These talks have been some of the best lectures I’ve heard. Period.

This particular talk called “Embrace the Shake” quickly stood out because it is a TED Talk about creativity and working within limitations.

If you’re someone like me where creativity is part of your life and limitations are also a reality, this talk may be the best 10 minute investment of your day.



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