Ben Affleck is Batman in Man of Steel/Batman Movie

It was pretty exciting when the DC announcement came in that there would be a Man of Steel/Batman movie. After the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy and the Man of Steel movie earlier this summer, DC is on the right path with their movies.

It was also fairly quickly noted that Christian Bale was not likely to don the cape for any future Batman roles and so attention turned to who could pull it off. Many were speculating that it would be a “veteran” actor. Someone in their late 30’s to 40’s who could lend a sense of maturity to the role.

Now, according to Variety (among many other sources) it is being reported/announced that none other than Ben Affleck will be the heir to the Wayne acting legacy.

If you’re like me, your initial reaction was likely “But….but Daredevil was awful!” Granted, it was. It was also a decade ago. Given the way that he has matured both in front of and behind the camera I have hope that this might work. His incredible work on Argo really shows that he’s more than just a guy who does a lot of movies (most are really good) that nod to his Boston heritage.

My only concern is this: will we be able to watch the new Man of Steel/Batman movie thinking “That’s Bruce Wayne” or will we constantly be thinking “That’s Ben Affleck playing Bruce Wayne”?

What are your thoughts? Can Ben play a convincing Batman or will the ghost of Daredevil and works past haunt him?


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