The Digital Age Makes Great Jesus Music

I don’t think it can be argued that sadly, Christian music is rarely at the forefront of new musical trends. The one “saving grace” for the genre used to be lyrical content but lately, even that has been in question. Check out my friend, fellow church planter and blogger Pastor Matt’s Blog for more on the topic. For those reasons (lack of melodic originality and poor theology), I’ve had a hard time finding a lot of Jesus music that I enjoy listening. Groups like All Sons and Daughters and the Royal Royal are few and far between.

I was introduced to the Digital Age over the summer and their Rehearsals EP. I LOVED it. There was something familiar yet fresh about this group. This past week, their first full album released called Evening:Morning. This is an album that my whole family has quickly fallen in love with and is incredibly singable. It has great melodies, a unique sound, and has some solid theology to it.

I found out that familiar feel to the Digital Age is for good reason. The group is made up of most of the original David Crowder Band sans DC himself. While it misses that distinct voice of Crowder it has a new sound that is really something unlike what is out there right now.

If you’re looking for some new music to sing to on the way to work, cleaning, or just to listen to while working out, I’d highly recommend this new release.

Here’s a small sample of their music.



That Newgrass fan in me really loves this cut from their Rehearsals EP.





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