Run For Their Lives

Last October, the church I pastor hosted our first 5k race in our home city of Riverview, MI. On September 7th we’re hosting it again and it’s not your typical 5k.  There are no crazy ice tanks to jump in, walls to climb, or electrical wires to run through. What makes it different is the purpose.

The race is called “Run For Their Lives” and it’s goal is to help rescue women from sexual slavery. From their website:

After witnessing an adolescent girl being purchased for $24 in Thailand, we dreamt of ways that we could be a conduit of change by mobilizing people who share our conviction and banding together to bring an end to the injustice of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. We thought, what if we used that same number, $24, and showed people how an amount even as small as that can be used to bring lasting, holistic freedom rather than oppression, shame, and hopelessness? Our Run For Their Lives race was organized as a way to practically fulfill our mission of mobilizing individuals to stand against this injustice.

Last year, we had runners, joggers, walkers, and wheezers. The race really is open to anyone who wants to help support this cause.

Our goal as a church is to raise $5000 this year which would rescue over 200 women and children from sexual trafficking.

If you’d like to participate or simply sponsor a runner, you can visit the event page here.

For more information on the organization check out the video below.



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