This Nike Ad Proves Nike Has Still Got It

I grew up in the great Nike era of commercials. From Lil’ Penny to Mars Blackmon to the controversial “I am not a role model” Charles Barkley ads. Nike was once at the apex of advertising. Everything they did was fried gold. Over the years since then Nike commercials have been rather hit or miss and the rise of Under Armor, among others, has threatened the shoe giant’s once untouchable position as shoe and media king.

This backdrop is what made the most recent commercial all the better. I was simply watching a commercial when Blake Griffin introduced the world to “Dr. Drain”. Daryl Drain may be the best hype character for Nike in years. He’s relatable (who hasn’t goofed off and acted like he does in this commercial before), he’s funny, and he’s likable. He’s a modern Mars Blackmon.

From the characters to the black and white setting to the song selection, everything in this commercial is just right.

Thank you, Nike. Thank you for putting out this commercial that has made me laugh each of the first dozen times I’ve watched it.



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