TWD Season 4 Trailer

Yesterday at San Diego Comic Con, the trailer for season 4 of the Walking Dead premiered. Season 1 introduced us to Rick and the gang (though very few of them are still alive), season 2 took us to Herschel’s farm and showed how in the zombie apocalypse people don’t just become super friendly towards each other, they become territorial and so the “us vs. them” mentality was born. Season 3 showed that people can be as dangerous, if not more so than the zombies as we saw Rick’s crew square off against the Governor and the people of Woodberry.

Season 4 seems to tease the next logical step. At the end of season 3, Team Prison was much larger than it had been. How will that play out? What will the sudden increase in people cause in the dynamics of the group? How will people get along when they stop being polite and start getting real?  

Dumb the Real World reference aside, I look forward to seeing the development of some characters this year, especially Tyresse. It also seems that they are moving further away from the comics and that has a lot of promise too. As much as I’ve enjoyed the comics I like the idea of creating an original story that weaves in and out some of the comics.

So here it is and I’d love to know where on the excitement scale Season 4 is for you!



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