Summer Movie Preview

At the Pursuit church we’re getting ready to start one of my favorite series here in just a couple of weeks: “Film and Theology”. I know a lot of churches do an “at the Movies” type event, but I assure you, I’m not doing that to follow any trend. I love movies. I love stories. I love lamp. 

I’ve been a huge fan of films my whole life and especially finding the spiritual truths and lessons that these movies can present to us, so a Film and Theology series is a big deal to me. It is one of my passions. That’s why I get so excited for the summer movie season. We usually get some of the best movies of the year between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

So with that, hit the jump to see the movies I’m most looking forward to this Summer! (Disclaimer: for the purpose of this list, I will only be using movies released June-August as summer movies. The list is also in release date order)

“This is the End” – Maybe the crew of Rogen, Hill, Franco, et. all is starting to wear thin for some, but the premise behind the movie feels fresh to me. The actors play…themselves as they go through the end of the world. Biblical references abound and I can’t help but crack up as Rhianna gets swallowed up by a sink hole and Aziz Ansari can’t get any love from those running around. Maybe this will flop, but I think it will be worth checking out based on the unique premise alone.



Man of Steel – Not much left I can say about this movie. This is the one I’m most anxious for this year.

World War Z – I’ve written about my apprehensions on this movie here, but I still can’t help but want to see this movie. I still believe that zombies shamble, not run, and it will not even be close to the amazing book, but the idea of there being a PG-13 zombie movie that I can see with my oldest son at least has me interested.



Pacific Rim – Admittedly, it wasn’t until friend, fellow blogger and movie fan, Rob Kotaska singled this movie out as his “must see” of the summer that it started making blips on my radar. It has feel of an Independence Day type movie, minus the witty charm of Will Smith. Aliens from the sea (not other planets) attack earth and humanity builds giant human-like robots to fight back with. Movies of the world coming together to fight a common enemy have always been great in my opinion.



Kick-Ass 2 – What happens when normal people get fed up with crime and injustice and decide to take matters into their own hands? That’s what the first movie sought to answer and it was a great comedy/action/superhero movie. Justice is a huge biblical theme and these characters are out for justice (albeit, not entirely biblical justice). What has me most interested in this film is Jim Carrey as Col. Stars and Stripes. The clips I’ve seen of him have him playing a great over the top character and that is when I think Jim excels. The below trailer focuses on Hitgirl, but a quick YouTube search for the movie will get you a few clips with Carrey in it.



The World’s End – I recently covered this movie here, and while it is the second apocalyptic film on the preview, this one gets a nod because Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are involved.

What did I leave off? What movies are you looking forward to this year?


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