New Man of Steel Trailer Brings the Bacon

If we’ve learned anything from the reboot of a superhero we’ve learned that there is a formula to the reboot. The first hour plus of the movie we will get the back story of the hero (see Batman Begins, Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor, etc.).  In most cases, it is good and really adds to the movie. In the worst cases, it is at least tolerable. Man of Steel seems to have a very dynamic and very human story (I wrote about it here and here) making this introduction to Kal-El filled with great moments and raising questions that will go with people as they leave the theater.

The second part of the formula (after character introduction) we get 30-45 of minutes of what most people want – the hero in costume blowing things up, making heroic feats seem easy, and punching (or shooting) things in the face. With the latest Man of Steel trailer, we are getting more of that second part of the story and it certainly seems to have the sizzle and the bacon.

What do you think? WIll Superman be THE summer movie this year?


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