The Memorable Mom List

Since today is Mother’s Day, I though I’d celebrate in part by listing some of the more memorable or unique moms in television and movie history. These aren’t necessarily the best mothers but they are memorable.

Lucille Bluth (the hilariously awful mom) – As if to prove that good mothering isn’t a requirement to be on this list, we have the mother from Arrested Development.  From the weird relationship with her son Buster to the anorexia inducing comments she makes to her daughter, Lucille Bluth is as equally bad at parenting as she is at being funny.

Helen Parr/ElastiGirl (the superhero mom) – The Incredibles might be my favorite Disney/Pixar movie and ElastiGirl is a big part of the reason why. This animated movie mom fights crime all while fighting to raise 3 kids with superpowers and fighting to keep her marriage from falling apart. She is easily one of the best mother characters to come along in a long time.

Lori Grimes (the “how were you even a mom before the outbreak?” mom) – Ugh. What can be said about Lori from the Walking Dead and her parenting skills? Not much. Half the time she didn’t even know where her son was, which I would think is kind of a big deal during the zombie apocalypse.












Claire Littleton (the crazy single mom) – Claire was an important character in the LOST television series. She had a very unique story arc with her giving birth on the island and the things that happened to her and baby Aaron after. She makes the list’s cut because she was a single mom on one of the great shows of our generation. Man…I still miss LOST…









The Bride (the butt-kicking mom) – Quentin Tarantino’s nod to the samurai movies, Kill Bill Vol. 1&2, features “the Bride” (Beatrix Kiddo) a mom who takes the whole “eye for an eye” thing very seriously.


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