Arrested Development Season 4

One of the greatest television tragedies of all time was not the death of beloved Walking Dead character T-Dog or the disappointing ending to Seinfeld but the cancelation of Arrested Development. It was the funniest show on television and gave us a look into a family that showed exactly what depravity looked like. The Bluth family was filled with narcissistic, self centered, and self gratifying characters.

From what has been reported, it is the un-relatable nature of these characters that kept the show from gaining rating success while it was raking in the awards for its clever writing and ensamble cast. So sadly, the greatest comedy show of all time lasted a mere 3 seasons.

Nearly a decade later, Netflix picked up the series and will one again be giving us a mirror in the Bluth family that shows just how deep our sin goes all the while making us laugh.

I found this short clip teasing season 4 last night and it has me more excited than ever to see the return of my all-time favorite comedy.

If you’d like to catch up on the show, you can stream the first 3 seasons on Netflix.

UPDATE: Since writing this post last night, an official season 4 trailer has been released.


2 thoughts on “Arrested Development Season 4

  1. Adam Lockhart says:

    I’ve always thought that too. Then when I did the google info search on him I was disappointed to find out that he was a single “g” Dog.

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