X Games, Detroit, and Comebacks

Detroit is one of the finalists to host the X Games 2014-2016 along with Chicago, Charlotte and Austin, TX. To help make the bid a group has produced this pitch video for the city of Detroit. Being only 10 minutes south of the heart of the city, I definitely have a dog in this fight and will be rooting for Detroit to get the bid.

This video makes me proud that our city is refusing to be embarrassed about its present state. The people of the community want to do what they can to bring the city back to being the jewel of the Midwest that it once was and to do that we need to avoid pretending things are better than they are. If we try to do that, Detroit would get squashed by the other cities that are definitely more glamorous.

The X Games would be a great shot in the arm for the city that did a great job with Super Bowl XL and the NCAA Final Four in 2009. I also think that somehow, the destroyed beauty of a city like Detroit seems more in line with the heart of what extreme sports are than the beautiful and exotic locations of recent years.

But bigger than just the story of the city, I feel that we’re all suckers for a good comeback story. As a Christian I am in love with any story where something beautiful comes out of something used up and seemingly worthless because it can mirror the comeback story of a redeeming faith. When the person who has been beaten up/down or who made bad decisions makes a comeback after all others have counted them out, then that person is telling a story that makes every hair on my body stand on end with excitement and energy.

It’s because I (and generally we) personally feel connected when I see the underdog win, the down and out make a comeback, or the forgotten become significant because that’s how I see my life.

I’ve been the underdog, felt used up, and have deep wounds that I wondered if I could recover from. And God has redeemed my story.

That can be Detroit’s story too.

I will be cheering for Detroit whether or not they get the X Games, because there is a lot of history in that city and I believe in the comeback. I believe that the city can be redeemed and inspire an area, a state, and a nation.

For more on what’s happened and is happening in Detroit, check out the movie Detropia on Netflix streaming.


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