The Best in Auto-tune!

Yesterday as the story continued to break of the three women who were rescued after being abducted and imprisoned for 10 years the story took a turn for the…interesting. The world was introduced to the man who wasn’t afraid to call himself a “hero”. Mr. Charles Ramsey began giving interviews and they were insanely entertaining. The guy was energetic and hilarious. After seeing the initial interview I immediately had one thought: “When will this dude get auto-tuned?”

Thankfully, less than a day later, the Gregory Brothers did not let us down, this after several auto-tune novices put out some pretty lame versions.

Auto-tuning, especially crazy news interviews, have become one of the great purposes of the internet. To celebrate this musically creative and hilarious hybrid I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite auto-tuned videos.

As if straight out of (or at least inspired by) Talladega Nights, this video shows what happens when weird people are asked to pray before a weird sport.


This next video isn’t laugh out loud funny until you remember the premise – someone tried to make a legit song from stuff Mr. Rogers said on his show “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”. So weird, so good.

Sweet Brown might be the catchiest of all the auto-tuned songs. How good? Our band at church has plans to bring it to a Sunday morning. Yeah. That good.

The original, the Bed Intruder song.

Did I miss any? Please let me know what your favorite auto-tuned songs or moments are.


2 thoughts on “The Best in Auto-tune!

  1. Rob Kotaska says:

    I love the Mr. Rogers one, not only because it is well done…but he has a lasting cultural impact that the internet darling of the week never will.

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