The First Rule of the Zombie Apocolypse: Cardio

If you’ve seen the zombie comedy (zombedy? zom com?) Zombieland then you should know the first rule of the zombie apocolypse: cardio. The shambling undead can easily be avoided if you’ll just spend some time jogging/running. But what if you’re like me and you really dislike running? What if you live in a world where, sadly, there is no real threat of a plague of the undead?

Thankfully, Six to Start has created an app for iPhone or Android called “Zombies, Run!”. The app is a run tracker, story, and sim game all rolled into one. Briefly, here are some of the highlights of the app and why it has made running less of a chore and into something I actually enjoy doing.

The Stories – Six to Start recently released Season 2 of Zombies, Run! (they’re calling it Zombies, Run! 2) and it now boasts nearly 40 missions and many more side missions that can be played and replayed. Each mission includes stories that are told throughout the run telling a narrative. Sure the story won’t win any major awards, but it is good enough to keep me entertained for the 30-45 minutes that I run each day.

The Game – During each mission you earn parts and supplies depending on how long you run based on time not distance. That’s good if you’re a running rookie like I am. Then between missions you can go back to Able township and help rebuild the city by adding new buildings and upgrading them. By doing this you increase the population of people in the town and become a hero in the process. It’s definitely a motivator to keep running when I’d rather quit.

The Running – Zombies, Run has all the benefits of most running apps. Whether you’re tracking miles via GPS out on the streets or accelerometer on the treadmill to count steps every run can give you something to measure the run with. 

Zombie Chases – If you choose, you can add zombie chases in your runs. You’ll get a warning that a horde of walkers are “x” meters away. This leads to having to pick up your pace for up to 60 seconds. What if they get too close? Then you’ll drop all those hard earned supplies you’ve picked up. It’s a rush to outrun a virtual horde.

The Soundtrack – whether you want to run in silence or with a playlist, Zombies, Run! supports iTunes playlists or you can listen to Spotify or your music app of choice. Whenever a mission update plays your music will be ducked down until the update is over then returned to the original volume level.

If you want to run but struggle with motivation then this app might be for you. Check out more on the game with the video linked below.


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