Entertainment is Spiritual, Not Mindless

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the blog here. Chalk it up to finishing getting our church building finished so we could get our final inspections and approvals so we could officially GO LIVE.  Now, a rhythm is establishing itself again and things are getting as close to “normal” as they can for a person who is planting a new church. That aside, let’s get back to blogging…

On this blog I spend a lot of time discussing the spiritual aspect of all pop culture – movies, music, comics, sports, video games, whatever. One of the key people in my decision to blog and to stop hiding the fact that I am a nerd at heart who enjoys these stories is a fellow nerd and theologian named James Harleman and his website Cinemagogue (a clever play on the two words “cinema” and “synagogue”). I’ve recently begun reading his book Cinemagogue and it is an incredible work.

Throughout the book he argues that there is no such thing as “mindless entertainment” using the very definition of “entertainment” as the argument. It is an incredible book and worth the read from anyone who wants to see the connection between God and stories, however they are told.

Perhaps my favorite thing to this point is his teaching on the ways a Christian can engage culture from a spiritual perspective. I won’t editorialize, but I couldn’t agree more with the points he made on the first two categories. Here’s a video he did for the Cinemagogue site that discusses the cultural engagement scale. The scale is a little later in the video, but stick with it. It is brilliant stuff. Enjoy!


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