The “Utter Nonsense” Satan Follow Up

Yesterday, I blogged about the mini controversy over the dude who played the dude, disguised like the other dude. I also figured that with internet rage being what it is we’d eventually hear a response from Team Burnett/Downey. They have responded and called the claims “utter nonsense”.

Many who would side with Team Surviored by an Angel suggest that it couldn’t have been intentional. We just need to look at how Moroccan born actor, Mehdi Ouazzani appears when not in Satan mode. He certainly looks nothing like the president. I agree with that, but then, why did they change his look so much to play the Prince of Darkness? I know people often go through changes, sometime extreme changes, to play a role but in a series where most of those changes are “grow a beard” or “you need long hair and/or dreads” this seems a bit over reaching.

This doesn’t change the fact that I find “The Bible” a good conversation starter for my family and I and those who are a part of my church but I am highly skeptical that this faith based production didn’t intentionally take a political jab.

Here are the pictures. What do you think? Am I off base or might there be a Catholic couple that confessing to telling a little lie to a priest at mass this weekend?

The dude.

The dude playing the dude disguised as the other dude.