Previewing “The Bible”

If you are a Christian, know a Christian, or have simply seen a Christian over the last few weeks, you’ve likely heard about the new mini-series on the History Channel called “The Bible“. Produced by Survivor creator Mark Burnett and his wife, Touched By An Angel actress, Roma Downey, “The Bible” seeks to bring the greatest selling book of all time (and the Word of God) to life but is this show the next great Christian contribution to media?

I am excited, but cautiously so. Maybe the “Left Behind” series has left me a little gun shy to be completely optimistic but then again, the trailer itself has given me reason to approach the series carefully.

From what I’ve seen of the trailer I can tell the show isn’t going to break ground in terms of special effects. Watching the preview also shows some small things that bother me, like Americanized Christmas story with Jesus in a manager and 3 wise men and shepherds there at the time of Jesus birth with people all around. There’s so much wrong with this timing but it is the “Hollywood” version of His birth.

But that’s not even my greatest concern. From watching the trailer it seems to me that dialogue has been added to the show that isn’t Biblical. It’s not a very big deal…until you start writing lines for Jesus. Then you are taking HUGE risks because you are assuming you can write for God. It’s one thing to write for a fictitious Jesus in a movie like “Jesus Vampire Hunter” – no one is suggesting these were the actual words of Jesus. But when adding lines to Jesus in a television show, some of what gets said might get considered “gospel” and it shouldn’t be.

Despite these things (and I didn’t even get into the colossal mistake of messing with my “The Walking Dead” viewing schedule!) I am excited for this show for one reason: it will get people talking. Whether the show does well or not it will have Christ followers and non followers talking about the story of God’s love. It will get people dialoguing about the things of God and that is awesome because I believe that we are in desperate need of hearing the truth about our Creator – whether that comes from a television show or a conversation.


4 thoughts on “Previewing “The Bible”

  1. Eric says:

    You are a better man than me. I can’t watch it, haven’t even tried. I have watched many church history movies and been disappointed. I think its the medium. By necessity it has to dumb down the story. Maybe there is an exception out there, someone extraordinarily skilled at writing a screenplay from a book, but it’s not likely. Trying to do the whole Bible in a miniseries? Foolish in my opinion. It will be a comic book, Readers Digest version. It has to be.

    I like your attitude though. If it gets people talking or opening their Bibles for the real story, it can’t be all that bad, can it?

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