5 Good Documentaries for Sick Days

It’s been a brutal flu season across the US this year so should you get sick and you’re having trouble reading (so you can’t spend the entire time studying the Bible as I’m sure you normally would) I’m going to help out as best I can by recommending a few great documentaries on Netflix that will help you pass the time until you’re back to 100%. Here they are in no particular order.

5. Nerdcore Rising – What do you get when you cross hardcore rap and nerds? Nerdcore – a rap style that is less about killing and marginalizing women and more about Magic the Gathering, Star Wars and the inability to get a date. In this documentary, we follow nerdcore originator “MC Frontalot” and his quest to find whether or not this nerdcore career has legs or if it is as mobile as Jaba the Hutt.

Here’s a little sample of MC Frontalot LIVE since I can’t find a trailer for the movie online.

4. Witness to Jonestown – This MSNBC documentary on the Jonestown massacre is chilling and gripping as it tells the story with live footage from the time of the massacre and is mixed in with interviews of some who managed to get out in time. It is a fascinating story  to watch as Jim Jones, who begins as a social justice avocate descends into madness and drug abuse with a side of messiah complex to boot. It’s at times a tough watch but helps bring to light an often forgotten American tragedy.

3. Lord, Save Us From Your Followers – Filmmaker Dan Merchant created this documentary with one question in mind, “Why is the Gospel of Love dividing America?” If you or your church or pastor HAVEN’T seen this movie, they should. They don’t need to agree with all that it says but they do need have the conversations that this movie will cause.

2. Nirvana Nevermind – This short documentary chronicles the making of one of the greatest albums of all time. It includes some amazing scenes where the original producer singles out channels on the track in isolation so you can hear the brilliance of each member of the band.

Here’s the whole documentary or you can view it on Netflix.

1. Exit Through the Gift Shop – What starts as a documentary about the underground and unknown street artist, Banksy, turns into a crazy tale of an even crazier documentary maker. Incredible film.



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