Left Behind Gets Left Behinder

Back in November I was a part of a movement that broke amazing news to the world: Nic Cage was a part of the Left Behind reboot. Now, we have a couple more names attached to what is sure to be a *craptacular movie.

We finally know that Cage is slated to play the worldly wise and part time adulterer, Ray Steele. What we’ve recently learned is that Ashley Tisdale of “High School Musical” fame and more importantly, “Phineas and Ferb” where she voices Candace – the title characters’ older sister, will be playing Chloe Steele, daughter of Ray Steele.

Opposite of Chloe and playing the lead role of Buck Williams is Chad Michael Murray of One Tree Hill reknown.

Still no word from Kirk Cameron on his lack of involvement with the film.

Stay tuned as we will make every effort to keep you all informed of what is sure to clean up at the Oscars Razzies.

*Craptacular – when something is so bad it is good. Usually when something is craptacular it is accidental. There are, however, rare instances of something being intentionally craptacular. Like “Ahh! Zombies!!!


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