Top 5 Moments of 2012

What kind of blog would this be if I didn’t have at least one countdown or list? So here are my top 5 moments from this past year. WARNING – there will be SPOILERS but I will mark them a second time to be sure nothing get spoiled.

5. The Avengers. With years worth of build up of movies (Iron Man 1&2, Thor, Captain America) the anticipation for this movie was massive. In my mind, it did not disappoint. Sure there are fanboys who cry about it but I am not one. I LOVED it. It was a great action movie and had actual comedy and quality writing. It also had a moment that nearly every evangelical Christian loved (see minor SPOILERY video below)

4. Disney buys Star Wars. This was a big event though not much other than the purchase happened. Even without any major announcements the potential of this deal is huge. Disney treats this franchise with great respect as we have first hand experience since we visited Disney during Star Wars weekend this past year.

pastor adrock

3.  Halo 4 released by 343. Sure it doesn’t get the sales or acclaim that the shooter franchise it is compared to does (that’d be Call of Duty franchise) but this is MY shooter. I love Halo and when the franchise shifted hands from Bungie who had created and controlled the franchise since its  inception 10 years ago to new company 343 Industries I was concerned. Those fears went away the first moment I played. Shiny new graphics, new loadout system, and new game modes make this game my favorite in the franchise to date. The picture is of my Spartan – pastor adrock.


2. Season 3  of the Walking Dead. In Season 2 The Walking Dead mastered the art of the first 5 and last 10 minutes of the show. It was still my favorite show but the first 5 minutes and the last 10 were always the strength of the episode. Season 3 was often off the charts good from start to finish every episode with moments every episode that seemed worthy of a finale. *SPOILERS* From the moment we start season 3 and see the growth in the characters who have gone from reluctant killers of the undead to masters who almost seem to enjoy it, we can tell the break has grizzled these characters. Carl has grown up who clearly no longer needs to stay in the house. Not that he would have anyway. Seeing characters like Michonne, the Governor, the return of Merle, and at the end of the midseason finale, Tyrese  has got me excited for the rest of the season when it returns in February. Until then, I’ll watch again the intense scenes of Herschel losing his leg, the scene with Rick and the prisoners and of course *SPOILER AGAIN* Lori’s death in childbirth and the Michonne/Governor fight. Season 3 barely gave us time to breathe in the first half. Here’s to hoping the back half of this season is just as good.

Though God is not an active character in TWD (except for a small part in Season 2) the show is theologically deep dealing often with the idea of what morality looks like in a society that is post morality.

Video is gruesome. Head’s up.

1. Seeing the words “The Hobbit” appear on the big screen. Lord of the Rings is THE franchise as far as I am concerned so the moment that I sat with a couple good friends and saw the logo and heard the music I was at the highpoint of nerd heaven. I’d waited nearly a decade to see them and they in no way disappointed. Tolkien’s work continue to provide us with theological discussion and faith discussions through his masterfully told stories. More theology and film blogs to come based on this movie in addition to the one posted yesterday.

What were your favorite nerd moments of 2012?



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