God Moved Into the Neighborhood

I was leading a group through a study of the Bible’s account of Creation this past week and in preparing for it I was confronted with something I’d never noticed before. The Creation poem that stresses God’s Creation of all things had an interesting component to it that seemed really powerful this Christmas season.

If you read Genesis 1 (the poem of Creation) you read a lot of “God spoke and it happened” language. (Side note: the poetry of Genesis 1 is NOT at odds with science, but that is far too large a topic to handle on this little blog) From the heavens and earth, to the animals, birds and fishes everything is created via God’s command. However, when it came to creating man, God took a different approach.

From Genesis 2 “then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.”

In Chapter 1 it is a lot of language about God speaking and things happening but here in chapter 2 we read that God took a much more personal approach. He could have “spoke” and created but instead, He got His hands dirty and formed man Himself and breathed into him life.

That’s pretty personal.

What does the Creation story have to do with Christmas?

As an author wrote the coming of Jesus was essentially “God moving into the neighborhood”. When we look at the Creation story we realize that God could have spoken and given us the solution to our problems. He could have FedEx’ed us Salvation. He could have chosen a million impersonal ways to give us what we needed but they all would have lacked that personal touch.

So in the same way God created man with a personal touch, He entered into our story – the human story – with a personal touch.

That’s a powerful storyline for us to be aware of, especially this time of year. God never took the easy way out. He always took the personal way. What began in the personal story of God creating man culminated in God moving into our neighborhood so that we might get to know Him.

What a beautiful thing this Christmas. God came into OUR neighborhood.


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