How Nerdy Are You?

ImageEver wonder if you’re a nerd? If you are a nerd have you ever wondered just how nerdy you are? I can answer that with a one question quiz. Look at the picture above. How does it make you feel? Your answer tells you everything you need to know.If you looked at the picture and thought “I don’t get it” then congrats! You’re not a nerd. There’s nothing else really to see here.

If when you looked at the picture you had yourself a little laugh, then you are a moderate nerd. This is as I like to call it “the sweet spot of nerddom”. Actually, that’s the first time I’ve ever called it that. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what it is. You’re nerdy enough to recognize what’s going on here but not so serious about it all that you can’t laugh when someone is trolling us nerds.

If your response was “THAT’S NOT DUMBLEDORE! THAT’S GANDALF AND GANDALF DIDN’T SAY THAT! YODA DID! BURN THE INTERNET DOWN! BURN IT WITH FIRE!!!” They you are the nerd whom “sweet spot” nerd find sad. If this is you, then the right thing for you to do is turn off the computer, go outside (even if it is to LARP) and get some fresh air.

Where on the scale do you fall?



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